Wi-SOS 480 Analogue Node
Wireless - Star

Wi-SOS 480 Analogue Node

The Wi-SOS 480 analogue data node admits most inputs from analogue sensors, such as voltage, 4-20mA, potentiometer, FWB, thermistor or PT100, allowing it to easily connect load cells, strain gauges and pressure cells to the internet.

It transforms manual and sporadic data collection to a more regular and automatic process making it the most cost-effective way to capture data from any environment. It is capable of transmitting data via long-range radio to a gateway connected to the Internet up to 9 miles / 15 kilometres away. One gateway can also support dozens of data nodes in the same network through a star network topology. It has an internal C-size battery that can last up to 10 years with minimal to zero maintenance required. The units are easy to deploy, very robust and do not require re-casing as they already hold relevant certifications. The analogue data node is IP67 certified and tested from -40C to +80C. It can also be used as a standalone node for manual monitoring and can be easily configured and connected with a USB cable and an Android phone.