Wi-SOS 480 Digital Node
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Wi-SOS 480 Digital Node

The Wi-SOS 480 Digital Node is a robust, low-power, long-battery life device that allows for data collection from digital sensors. It transforms manual and sporadic data collection to a more regular and automatic process, making it the most cost-efficient way to capture data from any environment.

It is capable of transmitting data via long-range radio to a gateway connected to the Internet up to 9 miles / 15 kilometers away.

These nodes can easily connect a wireless network of in-place inclinometers (IPIs) on a chain in a hole or excavation, multipoint borehole extensometers (MPBX), as well as other sensors from leading geotechnical device manufacturers. Beyond IPIs, other digital sensors used in geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring can also be connected by the digital node.

In terms of energy consumption, digital nodes are autonomous battery- powered devices with C-size batteries thus avoiding the need of solar power systems in most cases.

The digital node can be easily configured and connected with a USB cable to an Android phone with the configuration software Android app. The app includes features adapted to each supported sensor such as auto-setup, set up of a voltage threshold to check the power supply received by the sensor, set up of addresses, checking of readings in the field.

The data collected is stored in the digital node and shared wirelessly to the closest gateway. A single gateway can support dozens of nodes. The units may also be used as standalone nodes for manual monitoring.