Wi-SOS 480 Tilt 90
Tilt Sensors

Wi-SOS 480 Tilt 90

The Wi-SOS 480 Tilt90 provides measurements of changes from the vertical level, either on the ground or in structures. This makes them key sensors to monitor inclinations, movements and differential settlements of slopes or infrastructures.

Tilt90s can be applied to vertical structures as columns, piers, pylons, facades or retaining walls to track changes in inclination and detect differential settlement. They can also be installed to verify over time the geometry and stability of tunnels, railway tracks (cant. twist and vertical alignment) or bridges decks. Tilt meters are also used extensively in monitoring landslides, embankments and mines.

The Tilt90 wireless sensors are now available with an external antenna for full range capabilities or with an internal antenna for applications such as railway tracks where it’s important to minimise the potential risk for external parts.

The Tilt90 has an extremely accurate tri-axis sensor with an extended range of up to 90 degrees. This provides additional flexibility and multiple orientation options during installation.