Wi-SOS 480 Vibrating Wire Node
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Wi-SOS 480 Vibrating Wire Node

The Wi-SOS 480 vibrating wire (VW) one- and five-channel data nodes easily connect vibrating wire instruments such as piezometers, load cells, strain gauges and pressure cells to the internet.

The vibrating wire data nodes are autonomous battery-powered devices with C-size batteries that can last up to 10 years with minimal to zero maintenance required. The units may also be used as standalone nodes for manual monitoring and can be easily configured and connected with a USB cable and an Android phone.

Vibrating wire sensors are widely used in geotechnical. hydrological and structural monitoring because of their robustness and lang term stability. The VW data nodes provide accurate measurements of the vibrating wire sensors and their thermistors.

The data nodes have an internal barometer which collects and transmits barometric pressure data with each reading. This compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure that vibrating wire sensors, particularly piezometers, are usually subjected to in various applications. This feature also eliminates the need for an external barometric sensor in order to acquire accurate measurements.