Wireless Tilt Meter

Wireless Tilt Meter

The Wi-SOS 480 Wireless Tilt Meter is used for long-range, remote readings in geotechnical monitoring applications.

The tilt meter combines a high-precision biaxial MEMS sensor with a radio transmission network to provide accurate measurements with the benefits of long-range wireless communication and extended battery life.

What makes Wi-SOS 480 different to other wireless systems is the use of data modulation via the Worldsensing G6 Platform which uses the latest LoRa spread spectrum technology. This technology means Long Range, Low Cost, Low Power Consumption and High Connectivity.

Each unit is individually calibrated to provide the ultimate in system accuracy and repeatability.

Several hundred Wireless Tilt Meters can be supported by one Gateway in the same network and it can also be used as a stand-alone logger for manual monitoring, capable of storing up to 200,000 readings.

It can easily be configured and connected with a USB cable and an Android device. Connectivity to the Gateway can be checked in the field and its global location displayed via the Wi-SOS WebCentre.

Technical Specification

Sensor Type
MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical) Inclinometer
± 15°
Accuracy (± 5°)
0.03% FS / 0.004°
Accuracy full range
0.17% FS / 0.025°
Temperature sensor resolution
0.1 °C
Temperature sensor accuracy
±0.5 °C± 15°