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Percy Road, Bournemouth - UK

A Geosense wireless monitoring system helped engineers open a key road in Bournemouth after an 18-month closure. Percy Road, one of the busiest roads in Bournemouth, has suffered settlement at different rates on a short stretch, approximately 100 yards, over several months, starting in September 2016. Monitoring data via the Wi-SOS 480 - Wireless Observation System – meant there was no need for a continued road closure.

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Vejle Hospital New Psychiatric Facility - Denmark

The new Psychiatric Facility adjacent to Vejle Hospital is being built on an embankment on postglacial organic clay. The embankment is constructed as part of preparation of the building site. To speed up the consolidation process vertical drains were installed in a 3m grid and VW piezometers installed to monitor the dissipation of pore water pressure and determine when to continue filling and to document the completion of the consolidation process.

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Vale Teluk Rubiah - Malaysia

Geosense instrumentation has been used in a $5.6 billion iron ore distribution centre in Manjung, Perak, Malaysia. The project includes a deep water jetty and onshore stockyard.

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Pudzeoch Basin - UK

Geosense vibrating wire settlement cells and piezometers were installed to ensure that critical pore water pressures were not exceeded (i.e. failure is avoided) and also provide the opportunity to accelerate the infilling programme monitoring of the pore water pressures was required.

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