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Gediminas’ Tower - Vilnius, Lithuania

Geosense wireless tilt meters used to monitor ancient castle landmark. The Wi-SOS 480 system is the first wireless, remote control system installed in Lithuania.

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Barton on Sea Cliff-top Investigation - UK

New Forest District Council in Hampshire commissioned investigation and monitoring works at the seaside cliffs of Barton-on-Sea, an area known for its problems with coastal erosion. In all, 13 Geosense VW Piezometers were installed at multiple levels. Two inclinometers were installed in the cliff-tip plateau and undercliff seaward Marine Drive.

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Severn Valley Landslip - UK

Tubular piles were used mainly to stabilise the landslide, but monitoring was also carried out on piles at strategic locations within the slope. Monitoring involved measuring the bending of the tubular piles which was done by placing vibrating wire strain gauges on the upslope and down slope sides of the piles along the length of the pile.

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Blisworth Embankment - UK

As part of Network Rail’s extensive track upgrading on the London to Birmingham line, the Blisworth embankment required significant upgrading and reinforcement. As part of the construction and post construction requirements instruments were installed within the piles.

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