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Shell Centre Redevelopment - London, UK

As part of the ambitious redevelopment of Howard Robertson’s original 1961 Shell Centre complex, monitoring of the external basement walls was undertaken using 12 Geosense MEMS biaxial Tilt Meters connected wirelessly to WI-SOS 480 analogue nodes. Despite the signals having to travel through several meters of mass concrete, connectivity of the system was confirmed. Full signal was even achievable from the basement level 13 metres below ground level.

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New Cancer Centre at Guy’s - Guy's Hospital, London

Tilt Meters with built-in data logging capability (Tilt Loggers) were installed on several walls where access was possible to download data via a USB connection to a PC or PDA.

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Walsingham House - UK

The project involved the construction of a high quality, 11-storey, 584-bed hotel in the City of London, adjacent to Fenchurch Street Station and close to existing rail tracks and Walsingham House. In order for construction to take place, it was necessary to demolish an existing building which exposed the whole of the east elation of Walsingham House. Monitoring of the adjacent party wall during underpinning and construction of the new basement up to ground level was carried out.

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Bishopsgate Tower - London

Due to the complex nature of the demolition and subsequent re-building adjacent to large structures, conventional monitoring methods were not possible and therefore a Geosense tilt meter system was proposed and implemented. By utilising BUSSED MEMS tilt meters considerable savings were made due to the reduction in the amount of cabling required.

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