Geosense resource centre


This section is a central library of all downloadable information to help users of Geosense instruments.

Many of the documents are also associated with various sections within the site but this central location provides a quick and easy search opportunity across all areas.

General Publications

Geosense Company Presentation 2020 V1.0
Geosense Company Profile V1.1
Geosense Product Brochure V1.9
Dam Safety Monitoring Instruments V1.2
Tailings Dam IoT Remote Monitoring V1.0

Technical Publications

International and European standards for geotechnical monitoring - Steiner-Golser
Piezometers In-depth V1.1
Grout backfill for borehole instruments
Simonsen & Sorensen Performance Of VW Piezometers In Very Low Permeable Clay FMGM 2018
Update of F-G-M GIN June 2012
The Use of the Fully-grouted Method for Piezometer Installation Part 1 2008
Piezometers in fully grouted boreholes Mikkelsen & Green 2003.


Portable Vertical Inclinometer Manual V1.3
QJ Inclinometer Casing Manual V1.4
XC Inclinometer Casing Manual V1.1
VW Piezometer VWP3000 Manual V1.11
VW Piezometer Manual VWPHT-3600 V1.1
Strain Gauge Piezometer SGP3400 Manual V1.0
Water Level Meter Manual V1.3
VW Strain Gauge Manual V1.8
Manual 3D Crack Meter Manual V1.0
MEMS Vertical In-Place Inclinometer (IPI) Manual V1.0
MEMS In-Place Tilt Meter Manual DIGITAL V1.2
MEMS In-Place Tilt Meter Manual ANALOGUE V1.3
WI-SOS 480 Wireless Tiltmeter Manual V1.8
MEMS Tilt Beam Manual DIGITAL V1.2
EL In-Place Tilt Meter Manual DIGITAL V 1.0
MEMS Portable Tilt Meter Manual V1.0
Total Pressure Cell VWTPC-4000 Manual V1.5
Reed Switch Probe Manual V1.1
NATM Cell VWNPC-3000 Manual V1.5
VW Liquid Settlement System VWLSS-200 Manual - V 1.7
Borehole Rod Extensometer GEO-XB2 Manual V1.1
Magnetic Extensometer GXM-100 Series Manual V1.3
Magnetic Extensometer GXM-300 Series Manual V1.4
Pendulum System Instruction manual V1.2
Thermistor String Manual V1.0
VW Temperature Sensor VWTS-6000 Manual V1.1
Digital Tape Extensometer Manual V1.0
Weir Monitor VWM -2000 Manual V 1.3
WiSOS 480 Manual V1.8
WI-SOS 480 GLog Android Application Manual V1.0
NexusGeo Manual V1.1
VWR-1 Readout Manual V1.1
MP12 Readout Manual V1.0
VW Analyser Manual V1.0
GeoLogger Linx Manual V1.3

Quick Guides

EMI-Shielding - EMI Shielded Cable Gland on WI-SOS Nodes V1
Resistance diagnostics for VW sensors Quick Guide V1.2
Wire Extensometer GEO-DW300 Quick Guide V1.0
Quick Install Guide For Linx Logger V1.0 (Booklet)


Inclinometers Application Guide V1.1


Geosense Linx Setup V2.0.2