Metro tunnel post construction

Tunnels & Metros

Instrumentation used for the construction of tunnels and metros can be implemented in three stages; pre, during and post construction.

The data observed from the geotechnical and structural instrumentation plays a vital role in providing verification of design assumptions, ensuring safety throughout construction and monitoring long term behaviour.

As Metro and other types of utility tunnels are constructed in populated areas they can have major impacts on the surrounding area, buildings and other facilities within the predicted zone of influence. (see Asset monitoring). It can also provide timely warnings to take corrective action.

Monitoring requirements vary depending on the technique used to construct the tunnel (e.g. Tunnel Boring Machine, NATM, Jacking) and ground conditions.


Deformation of the excavated tunnel surfaces
Deformation of the ground around the tunnel
Stress on tunnel lining
Convergence of tunnel lining
Load on tunnel lining
Heave and settlement monitoring around tunnel
Ground Displacement
Ground settlement