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Gateway is a term usually used for wireless sensor systems. It is a device which allows data to be received from single or multiple wireless nodes to a central location. The data can then be accessed and visualised from the Gateway either directly into a PC by Ethernet or Wi-Fi or via a web portal using a GPRS connection.

On-board software allows sampling intervals and data visualisation to be manipulated as required.

Gauge factor

Typically used for vibrating wire and foil strain gauges it is defined as the unit change in output per unit change in length of a gauge.

Individually calibrating every gauge is not practical and therefore batch gauge factors are widely used and this factor is always supplied with strain gauges. Individual calibrations can be supplied upon special request.


The GeoPump™ is a fully automatic, inherently safe, pneumatic pump which can safely be used in potentially hazardous zones and has ATEX II 1 G c approval.


GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a packet based communication service for mobile devices to send and receive data across mobile telephone network and to any destination on internet when connected to computer. It is used within wireless Gateways and Automatic Data Acquisition systems to allow data to be viewed remotely and/or sampling intervals to be changed.

GPRS is an always-on service and it is recommended using a 'Data only' SIM card with a unique IP address to minimise cost.

Groove azimuth

The angle measured clockwise in the horizontal plane between grooves in inclinometer casing with reference to the main direction which is usually termed A+. All subsequent measured inclinometer movements would be referred to this direction.

Groove spiral

The amount of helical deformation of inclinometer casing grooves which occurs during manufacture. Typical values should be < 0.5 degree/3m.