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Bespoke design

The GeoLogger GL is built and programmed on a project by project basis to be able to receive all sensors terminating in that location.  This provides a large amount of flexibility with this product as there are many components to consider.  Almost any situation can be accounted for.

Pre-programmed and Ready to Install.

All GeoLogger GLs will arrive fully assembled with all the necessary components and wiring information needed to wire up the sensors terminating in that Datalogger.  The Datalogger component will have a partially written program already stored in it with either some default settings for Logging intervals and Engineering units or as per the customer’s specifications.  Since many sensors require the use of a site zero reading these together with sensor serial numbers need to be added to the program on site.

EMC Compliant:

The GeoLogger GL is has been designed and tested for resistance to (EMI) Electromagnetic interference  to ensure CE compliance  and is fitted with special EMC compliant cable glands.