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MEMS technology

Our Inclinometer system measures tilt using MEMS sensors, the technology which has become the standard technology within the industry.

The benefits of MEMS sensors are that they offer faster more rugged systems than the old servo-accelerometer systems and are virtually unaffected by temperature.

Lightweight & rugged

The lightweight but rugged construction of all components means that a 100m system can easily be carried by one person.

Wireless communication

Data from the probe is transferred from the reel by Bluetooth connection to the handheld data recorder.

On-board probe calibration

Calibration is embedded into the MEMS conditioning board in the probe which means that only the probe itself needs to be returned for re-calibration or calibration check unlike a system where the probe is attached to the reel where the complete system has to be re-calibrated. This has a significant saving on delivery costs especially from overseas.

Interchangeable probe

Any probe can be used with any cable reel and any handheld data recorder so that if you have an existing 50 metre system and now need a 100 metre system you only need to buy another cable and reel as you can use your existing probe and hand-held data recorder.

The spiral probe can also be used with any reel and hand-held data recorder.

Data visual at the borehole

The Android Smart Device (ASD) allows data sets to be viewed and compared at the borehole.